7 Celebrities who Still Humble after Gaining Popularity

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Celebrity always remind people to glamour life and wealth. No wonder that many celebrities in the world are enjoying their glamorous life with big estate, expensive cars, and even private plan. In fact, not all of celebrities are enjoying the glamorous life, but they are very humble and down to earth. These celebrities even donate their money to poor people in the world. These are 7 celebrities who still being humble, even after gaining popularity.

1. Angelina Jolie

angelina jolie humble celebrities source indiatoday

angelina jolie humble celebrities source indiatoday

This gorgeous artist is known for her acting skill as well as during the action movie. However, her professionality doesn’t limit her kindness and modesty. She adopted some children and took care of them who previously suffered in life. In addition, she often visit refugee center in certain country and listen to their stories and entertain them. She also often donate some other her wealth to the poor people from all of nations. Therefore, she gained the Special Envoy for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

2. Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson humble celebrities source popsugar

Dwayne Johnson humble celebrities source popsugar

This big built-up-body guy is known to love children so much. He also have his own foundation namely Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation. The organization often helps children who are hospitalized due to the serious illness they suffer. Not only that, the foundation also helps obesity prevention programs in children and promote education at a young age. The foundation also often helped people who are suffered from serious diseases and the people doesn’t have enough budget to cover the medicine cost.

3. Russell Brand

russel brand source hellomagazine

russel brand source hellomagazine

He is a world comedian who often set aside his purse to prevent deforestation or deforestation. He also often contribute time to lubricate the oil on the turtle shell. The practice he shared with his sharing with the homeless. As we know, Brand is struggling against herself to stop being a drug addict. In fact, he is often spent time with the homeless in LA.

4. Johnny Depp

jhonny depp source Children's Hospital Foundation

jhonny depp source Children’s Hospital Foundation

As the actor of ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’, Depp gained many popularity and royalty from his works. In fact, he doesn’t become very frugal in spending his wealth like other glamorous artists. Conversely, he is very generous and often donate his wealth to those poor people in the world. The current fact is that he visited children hospital to bring happiness to the patient there by using his ‘Jack Sparrow’ costume. In addition, he is also very kind and humble, even after his worldwide popularity.

5. Chris Pratt

chriss prat source The Gospel Herald

chriss prat source The Gospel Herald

Pratt is often known for his good personality such as kind and very humble. He doesn’t arrogant just like most of Hollywood celebrities do. Pratt often takes the time to visit a Children’s Hospital in LA. He is like creating a smile for the sick children. His kindness has made his fans loved him more and support him to do more generous activity. This handsome artist also often donate his wealth to some people who suffered from serious illness in the country.

6. Keanu Reeves


Keanu Reeves is reportedly willing to distribute his honor from the Matrix trilogy with a makeup team and special effects team. On the contrary, he donate some of his wealth to the poor people. In addition, he is very down to earth, since he act like a normal people and not like other arrogant celebrities do.

7. Jennifer Lawrence

jennifer lawrence sourcee Glamour Mexico

jennifer lawrence sourcee Glamour Mexico

A young woman with much money can do everything she wanted from shopping until fulfilling her personal needs. In fact, Jennifer Lawrence with her popularity still love to stay humble and down to earth. She doesn’t show her glamorous and arrogant side just like other Hollywood actress would do. She still would use ordinary car and use ordinary dress while roaming around the street. She just act normally like ordinary people and doesn’t show her arrogance.

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