7 Richest People Who Doesn’t Attend College

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Most of people always support themselves to graduate in time to pursue their dream and become success. In most of traditional views, people always think that graduating from college can let them to be a success person. In fact, there are also some graduated student who unable to make their success. The fun fact is that there are some richest people in the world who doesn’t graduate from their previous universities, and even are dropped out.

So, we know rich is not about your education in school, but how you can make your life better, maybe you need read our article here 7 Life Improvement Methods that Will Turn Your Life, and may that article can make you rich as 7 peoples in our list, so here we go

These are the 7 Richest People Who Doesn’t Attend College

I hope you all enoy this and peoples in our list can give inspiration to us so for the fist people is..

1. Bill Gates

bill gates and microsoft

bill gates and microsoft

Who do not know Bill Gates ? He is a programmer, businessman, innovator, and richest man in the world today with his Microsoft. Since he was a teenager, young Gates had found great interest in the programming world he had learned during school. At that time, he met another disciple named Paul Allen who has an interest in the same world. After high school graduation, Paul decided to go to Washington State University, while Gates to Harvard. Uniquely, they both were issued due to over-focus to create software manufacturer company, Microsoft.


2. Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg and his app

Mark Zuckerberg and his app

He is the founder and current CEO of Facebook. Since children, little Zuckerberg has been very interested in the world of technology. This is evidenced by starting to make software and computer games. His talent was increasingly honed in high school, so he decided to go to Harvard University.Unfortunately, due to too focused on Facebook creation, he then dropped by the university. However, what he did proved to be amazing. Facebook became the largest social media site and gave it a fortune of up to USD34.8 billion, and know he own another famous app like whatsapp and instagram, now we know why he is rich, he is smart and he can make innovation on his business.


3. Gabe Newell

Gabe Newell and valve

Gabe Newell and valve

Do you know Steam ? or you are playing game on steam, so you must be know him, yap Gabe Newel or GABEN. He is known as co-founder of the famous video game developer, Valve Corporation. He was actually listed as a student of Harvard University, but eventually decided to stop because he did not learn anything while there. Early in his career, he joined Microsoft, and learned everything about making software there. After 13 years of work while studying at Microsoft, he decided to get out and set up Valve. Now, the wealth of Gabe Newell reached USD 1.26 billion.


4. Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey and twitter

Jack Dorsey and twitter

Since childhood, this twitter creator was very interested in the world of computers and coding. From his educational history, Jack Dorsey got into Missouri University of Science and Technology, but later moved to New York University. There, he began to set up Twitter. However, due to his focus on the idea, he was finally expelled from the university. But the results proved successful, Twitter is now giving him a fortune of up to USD 2.5 billion.


5. Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg

If you like to waching movie you must be know Steven speilberg, He is one of the greatest figures in the history of world cinema. Because, he is the creator of various famous films such as Jurassic Park, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, and so on. He had decided to go to college at California State University. However, his talent has been recognized by Universal Studios. As a result he was expelled from campus. Even so, his decision was not wrong, he proved successful and now Steven Spielberg wealth reached USD 3.6 billion.


6. Michael Dell


If you hear her name you will know his company, yes of course DELL. He is an example of a successful person without another bachelor’s degree. At a very young age, he was able to earn his own income from working part time and invested in the mining and stock sectors. From the results of his efforts, he then bought the first computer that made him find interest in the IT world.Only 4 years after buying the first computer, he founded Dell with a capital of only USD1,000.

7. Sean Parker

Sean Parker Richest People Who Doesn’t Attend College

Sean Parker Richest People Who Does not Attend College

While sitting in high school, the Napster CEO was recruited by several companies and can already make money up to more than USD 80 thousand or Rp1, 04 billion per year. From this also, Sean’s parents let him not to continue his education in college. According to him, doing Napster actually gives more knowledge than school. Currently, Sean Parker’s wealth is recorded at USD 2.7 billion.


Well, These are 7 Richest People Who Doesn’t Attend College, so do you have any list ? if yes, please share with us in comment, or wich one you give inspiration for you ? may you can tell us why they can inspiring you, maybe with their life or etc.


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